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Healthcare in Cyprus

Public and private health care in Cyprus is of a very high standard and available to everybody, with all Cypriot doctors, specialists and surgeons having qualified abroad, the majority in the UK or Germany.

Public healthcare in Cyprus

The Cyprus National Health Service provides efficient medical care at a very reasonable cost. The UK has concluded a social security agreement with Cyprus; UK nationals permanently living and working in Cyprus are entitled to the same medical cover in state hospitals as Cypriot citizens. For entitlement to this, you will need a medical card. Pafos General Hospital is equipped with the latest medical technology and surgical apparatus and offers wards including A&E, maternity, orthopedics, radiology, general practitioners, pharmacy and surgical. More specialized facilities are available at hospitals in the larger towns of Limassol and Nicosia.

Pafos General Hospital
Tel: +357 26 940 111

Limassol General Hospital
Tel: +357 25 801 100

Medical card

EU citizens permanently residing in Cyprus can apply to the Ministry of Health in Cyprus for a medical card. In practice, the application can be submitted via your nearest government hospital or health centre. Medical cards are issued per family in Cyprus, rather than per person. A Cypriot medical card will cover you for the cost of health care at state hospitals, with the holder entitled to in-patient and out-patient treatment, medicines and some types of surgery. Non-Cypriots will need to submit an E121 form and supporting documents to be eligible. The medical card is means-tested, and on this basis, one of three types of medical card is issued, as follows:

Type A for free medical care (pink colour card)
The pink card provides 100% free of charge state healthcare. Applicants will generally be eligible for this if:
  • You are a permanent resident of Cyprus, and provide proof in writing of medical coverage in your country of citizenship, enabling the reciprocal agreement between that country and Cyprus to be used.
  • Your total gross income (including pensions) does not exceed EUR 15,377.41 per person p.a. or EUR 30,754.83 for a couple, increased by an allowance of EUR 1,708.60 per dependent child.
  • If you have 4 or more children.
  • If you are living on state benefits.
  • You are a government employee.
  • Exceptions: Nominal out-patient fees charged per visit: EUR 2.00. The right to free medical care is waived, if the patient is treated for a condition caused under circumstances creating a legal liability for damages by a third party, e.g. injuries caused in traffic accidents. In this case, fees must be pre-paid and then re-claimed from the person liable for the damages.
Type B for reduced cost medical care (blue colour card)
The blue card provides semi-subsidized state healthcare. Applicants will generally be eligible for this if:
  • Your total gross income (including pensions) is between EUR 15,377.41 and EUR 20,503.22 p.a. and you have no dependents (i.e. a spouse or children under the age of 18).
  • Your family income does not exceed EUR 30,756.53 p.a., increased by an allowance of EUR 1,708.60 per dependent child.
Type C for reduced cost medical care (yellow colour card)
Your medical card will show the holder's name, dependants, the card's expiry date, card's serial number, and the holder's identity card number.

The application form for a Cypriot Medical Card for pensioners can be obtained either from public hospitals, or can be downloaded from the Cypriot Ministry of Health web page at www.moh.gov.cy. You can also print out the E121 form from there, or complete and submit it online. Processing time is around 1 week. This will cover you for visits to the first aid department, medicines, in-hospital treatment, diagnostic procedures etc. When applying for the card, you will need to attach two copies of the form E121, received from your home country, a copy of your pension income and documents proving that you are residing permanently in Cyprus.

State hospital - full fees

Medical fees are very reasonable in Cyprus. A specialist visit will cost €20.50 and €14.52 for a visit to a general practitioner. Additionally, laboratory, radiology, examinations and tests are charged separately.

In-patient fees for paying patients are as follows:
  1. for accommodation and nursing : €123.02, €102.52 and €71.76, for 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class ward, respectively and €205.03 for intensive care.
  2. for medical attendance: €20.5 daily.
  3. for drugs, curative material, laboratory and radiology tests and any other services: the fees prescribed.
Private healthcare in Cyprus

General practitioners
Anyone can visit any GP in Cyprus without needing to register beforehand or restricting yourself to only one. The Greek term for GP is ‘Pathologist’. A visit costs approximatley €40.00, and most GP’s have walk-in surgery hours in the mornings. Your GP will charge extra fees for any blood or urine tests etc. Any medicines prescribed can be collected from your nearest pharmacy, and are payable by the patient in full. X-rays can be carried out at most clinics or at the general hospital. When necessary, you will be referred to a radiologist to take x-rays which you will then take back to the specialist for diagnosis.

Private clinics
Pafos has many private clinics and hospitals with GPs and specialists. These can be used if you have private health insurance, or pay privately directly to the clinic or hospital. You can either visit during regular surgery hours, or make an appointment. A clinic visit costs around €40.00.

If you know your ailment, you can visit a specialist doctor during their surgery hours directly without the need for a referral by a GP. Just like GPs, specialists charge around €40.00 per visit. Many work at the general hospital or clinics in the mornings and have their own practice in the afternoons.

There are plenty of good dentists in Cyprus that have trained and practiced in the UK or South Africa. Pleasantly, unlike the UK, there is no problem to find one with space on their register near you. Costs for a visit are around EUR 20.00.

You can be referred to a physiotherapist by your GP, or you may make an appointment directly. Costs for a visit are around €20.00-40.00. Most doctors speak very good English and some who have trained in Germany also speak German.

Cypriot pharmacists are well qualified to advise on minor ailments and can dispense prescription and over the counter medicines. A night duty system operates, as in other countries, where pharmacies on duty in any given week are published in the local newspapers and also are shown on the window of every pharmacy. The cost of a prescription prescribed by your GP or a specialist doctor is payable at the full cost of the medicine at the pharmacy.

Private Health Insurance
Health insurance is widely available, offering a high standard of private healthcare. Diverse plans are tailored to your individual needs and budget. These can cover outpatient consultations, medication, and in-patient treatment at the hospital or clinic of your choice, as well as nursing care in your home.

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