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Site Plan
This shows the layout of all properties in a development and their orientation.

Floor Plans
These show the layout (walls, windows, stairs etc) of your property from a bird's eye view. There is one for each floor of the building and these may include the plot for some properties.

These are 2 dimensional drawings of a property from all sides (north, south, east & west or front, sides & rear) that help you visualise the unique features of your Pafilia property prior to its construction.

3D Image or Artist's Impression
These are electronically generated or hand drawn images to help you visualise the finished property. These can show either a whole development or an individual property. 3D images are sometimes animated.

Covered Parking
Living areas in apartments often begin on the first floor, so that there is covered parking on the ground floor below. This design provides a welcome shaded parking area in the summer sun.

Custom-Built Villa
If you wish to create a property incorporating your own ideas and concepts, our service allows you to select a plot of land, for which we can help you design your ideal home. This can be either completely from scratch, or from our proposed plans that we can adapt to suit your tastes and needs.

Resale properties are those offered for sale by the first or any subsequent owners. Most often these are completed, but can be semi-completed.

Completed re-sale properties often include furniture and white goods. In such cases, the items will either be listed in an inventory with a separate price, or will be included in the sale price, according to the vendor's wishes.

All Pafilia properties are sold freehold. This means you can enjoy complete ownership rights over them.

Title Deeds
These are documents issued by the land registry that represent your legal ownership rights over your property.

Specifications describe the various technical features of your individual property, such as interior and exterior finishes and communal areas if any. The specifications will form part of your contract of sale.

Development Building Factor (BF)
This is a town planning regulation specifying the percentage of the total number of square metres that can be built on a plot of land. This can be spread across one, two or more levels, depending on the regulations for the area.

Development Covered Factor (CF)
This is a town planning regulation specifying the maximum percentage of the plot that may be covered by buildings (from a bird's eye point of view).

Covered Area
This is the living area available in each property unit (including interior living space, covered verandas and your proportion of communal areas, if any).

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