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Our new beginning…



Our new beginning…

The personal story of one Chinese clients decision to purchase property in Cyprus and benefit from the immigration program...

Eleven months ago, I noticed that there is a country called Cyprus in this world while I was drinking a delicious orange juice called Fontana, which is made in Cyprus . Then 6 months ago, I learned of the Cyprus Immigration program. Looking out my window at the sky in China, I decided to rake the first steps towards the process.

My decision to apply for Cyprus residency was not made on impulse. The more information I obtained about Cyprus the more I liked the country. Firstly, Cyprus is a medium-developed country with sophisticated infrastructure. The product price is moderate for the EU and the social safety of the country is great (this was the most important reason). Secondly, permanent residency can be obtained very quickly and easily. It has a very high success rate and low entry barriers. Additionally, it does not affect our national identity. Cyprus also offers stunning scenery, crystal clear waters, safe food including dairy and all the basic necessities at EU quality control standards. It has very fresh air and the sweet town of Pafos offers all the things which my country doesn’t.

A month after making my decision I arrived in Cyprus and was met at the airport by a beautiful sales consultant, Victoria and our translator miss Huang. Over the next few days Victoria showed us Cyprus, Pafos, Pafilia and the properties in a very nice and relaxing manner. Miss Huang translated everything for us, ensuring all our questions were answered. Additionally she helped us to complete the process of immigration investment. When I arrived at the townhouses in Elysia Park, I realized that I’d had this vision in my dream and knew that god had led us to this place. Within three hours I had signed the sale agreement and Pafilia Director Eva, offered us a complimentary boat tour in Polis. The tour let us see just how beautiful the sea is in Cyprus, it’s so clear that you can see to the bottom under the shining sun.

After returning to China I anxiously waited for my permanent residency approval, which came through without delay. At the same time the house was ready for delivery and I returned to Cyprus. This time we were greeted by a young Chinese employee of Pafilia who shares the same family name as ourselves. She was an outgoing, vivacious girl that was easy to get along with. She cleared any concerns that we had about Pafilia that were caused by the recent financial issues and regained our confidence in Cyprus. The delivery process was easy, the quality of the construction is very good, we just had a few problems with appliances and furniture. Abi noted down our issues as part of the snagging process and resolved them quickly. She helped us complete the delivery forms very quickly as well. She also arranged for the landscaping of our garden.

We returned to Beijing with sadness after making many good friends on our journey. We like the beautiful town of Pafos more and more and yearn for our new life. I believe that my life’s second departure will come in the very near future.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Daisy Wang

Mrs. Daisy Wang (right) pictured with Sonia Karasellos, Customer care manager (left) and Abi Chen (center) at Elysia park


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