Pafilia’s vision to create the most iconic address in Cyprus is now being realized as the construction journey at ONE is almost complete.  The construction works for this unique tower, situated on the Limassol seafront, have now entered into the “Testing and Commissioning” phase, the final stage before clients are invited to take delivery of their unique ONE-of-a-kind homes.

This phase involves setting all MEP systems, starting from the basements and moving upwards the 37th floor, ensuring that all equipment works under the specified operating conditions and liaising with the Cypriot Authorities to connect the building to the main city infrastructure of water, electricity and sewage. In parallel, installations of GRC panels at the top of the building have been completed, formulating the distinctive crown of the tower, construction teams are now moving downwards, installing remaining panels and, where necessary, executing the final alignments to fulfil the complex 3D geometry of the building’s envelope.

Having completed most of the interior works related to the residential apartments, emphasis is now shifted to the communal areas which include not only fit-out works to the internal spaces but also general landscaping of the large terraces, surrounding greenery and outdoor swimming pools.

To see the latest progress video go to:

Our commitment to architecture and innovation means ONE is the first high rise building in Cyprus. It is also the tallest residential seafront tower in Europe. The design and construction have not only set new industry standards but elevated Cyprus in the global real estate market. From the early design phase and until completion, our team of international and local experts have helped us deliver a ground-breaking development. Together with our affinity for the exceptional, the unique and the genuine we have overcome any issues we faced, including the Covid-19 pandemic, without compromise. We are now delivering, as promised, a tower that is revolutionary in design and quality. This collection of sky villas is truly extraordinary, their rarity and the striking design has completely redefined the Limassol skyline and paved the way for other high-rise developments in Limassol.

Executive Director Evangelia Eliadou comments: “At this closing stage of the project, we are excited to release a new video that shows the crown is almost complete. It emphasises the detail, scale and complexity of this architectural masterpiece and the skill required to work 170 meters above ground.

As the first hi-rise development in Cyprus, we overcame some challenges during the construction journey, we developed new techniques and set unprecedented health and safety standards. We are proud of the team and the iconic development we have created; it is an extraordinary accomplishment and true testament of Pafilia’s strength, determination and our commitment to delivering world-class lifestyle destinations.”