Limassol and Luxury Properties

In the last few decades, Limassol has grown from a quiet coastal community to Cyprus’ most dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Ranking amongst the world’s 100 best cities in Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey, this Mediterranean gem has now become a centre of the region’s economy; a valuable investment destination for both businesses and residents.

This trailblazing ethos is shared by Pafilia who, since its launch in 1977, has pioneered the transformation of the island’s real estate landscape, becoming the largest luxury property development company in the eastern Mediterranean.

Today, with its innovative living spaces for forward-thinking families and individuals, Pafilia is redefining Limassol’s vision as a city of the future. Embracing innovative design concepts, utilising cutting-edge technologies, and incorporating green spaces, Pafilia is shaping a cityscape that embodies the concept of urban living, creating flagship communities in which current and future residents can work, play, and enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Flourishing Communities

Limassol is a unique backdrop for Pafilia’s diverse range of properties. Having evolved into a thriving business hub that attracts a diverse, multicultural population, this dynamic seaside city now serves as a global headquartering destination for multinationals in the shipping, forex, banking, tourism and services sector. Like Limassol, Pafilia’s remarkable growth has seen the company expand its operations to encompass a wide range of subsidiary companies, services, and enterprises that cater to every facet of property ownership and resident lifestyle requirements.

Now the foremost privately-owned residential developer in the region, Pafilia is a trusted leader in the field of real estate, delivering an extensive portfolio of world-class residences for personal living and investment purposes.

In ONE, Enscape, the Aurai Residences and Aria Residences, Pafilia has crafted the exquisite homes that enhance the vibrant work/life balance of Limassol residents: visionary properties and communities that deliver an unrivalled living experience.

With these innovative projects, Pafilia has been instrumental in shaping a visionary skyline, creating communities in which Limassol’s most elite citizens can enjoy a harmonious work/life balance. From the iconic ONE tower to the contemporary Enscape, Aria Residences, and Áurai Residences, Pafilia’s developments embody the essence of luxurious Mediterranean living.