Pafilia collaborates with some of the most respected international design and construction firms in the world to realise its visionary projects.

BuroHappold is an international, integrated engineering consultancy operating in 21 locations worldwide, with 60 partners and over 1,700 employees including some of the world’s leading consulting engineers. For over 40 years BuroHappold Engineering has been building a reputation for delivering creative, value led building and city solutions for an ever-changing world.

Striving to always think imaginatively and inventively about building structures and their environment, BuroHappold has a holistic view of the design engineering experience.


Georghiou & Zembylas Partners

Georghiou & Zembylas Partners is a leading engineering organisation delivering innovative, high quality sustainable designs. A team of professional, knowledgeable and highly-skilled engineers work closely to fulfil client goals and expectations. The company also leads local and international seminars, predominantly on new and sustainable technologies as well as innovative engineering software and hardware.

Formed in 2006, today the Nicosia-based company employs qualified and experienced professionals of various disciplines; Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Lighting Designers, EPC Qualified Experts, accredited Energy Auditors and Inspectors.

Georghiou & Zembylas Partners believes that tailor-made designs with day-to-day liaison is the key to creating cost-effective, energy saving and environmentally friendly engineering solutions.

Ioannides Acoustics

Ioannides Acoustics sound engineers provides acoustic solutions for room acoustics, noise control, sound insulation, and sound systems to obtain crisp clear sound distribution and the reduction of unwanted noise inside and outside buildings. The company is built on the expertise of acoustic and sound system design, with extensive experience in Cyprus and abroad. Acoustic consulting services are undertaken in collaboration with architects and engineers to provide tailored solutions for a variety of projects.

Marinos N. Panayiotides

Following experience in the British and Cypriot Construction Industry, Marinos N. Panayiotides launched his practice in 2000. The practice’s philosophy has always been to provide a range of the highest quality professional services to ensure the clients’ financial and contractual objectives are achieved.

This philosophy is followed, and thoroughly supported by, the strong relationships formed with local authorities, architectural and engineering practices, law and accountancy firms. The company prides itself on the personal attention to detail in line with client philosophy and vision for the project.

Marinos N. Panayiotides has been involved in some of the largest and most prestigious projects on the island over the past 19 years.

P. Papadopoulos & Associates Consulting

Specialising in civil, environmental, structural and foundation engineering, the consultancy has been responsible for the design, site inspection and management of a variety of projects including roads, bridges, hotels, industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

The practice was established in 1989 and today has a hand-picked number of associates, each with an active role in the design and direction of each project. Within strict professional limits and in close collaboration with other members of the design team, the firm achieves clients’ needs with elegance, economy, and innovative engineering.

The company provides expertise in structural dynamics and earthquake resistant design as well as dynamic soil-structure interaction including base-isolation systems, underground structures and foundations for vibrating machinery.